Dynamically selecting Outlook Account to send e-mail from


I would like my UiPath StudioX automation to create an e-mail draft using an Outlook Mailbox specified by name in an Excel file that is the input for my process.

The “Use Outlook Account” resource only allows typing the name of the account to be used directly into the properties window at design time. Instead, I would like to treat the account as a variable and the automation to select the appropriate account to send e-mails from at run-time, reading the desired account name from an Excel workbook cell.

Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @dhejduk

I am sure @HoriaBelu will jump in to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think StudioX is meant to automate tasks at hand, and doesn’t support the concept of input/output arguments.

This is achievable in Studio profile, where you can specify an input argument from the Arguments panel and then use it from your Mail activities.

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Yes, unfortunately you are not able to achieve what you want at this point. The concept is that StudioX is able to send emails only using configured accounts on the computer.
Might be an improvement for later releases.

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