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In my project I am working on website automation.

I need to dynamically find the color on website and get the position of this element.
(For eg:- Finding a small RED triangle having exclamation mark).

Please get back to me ASAP.

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i would guess these will do what you are after


I want to know how do I perform this activity.

Please elaborate

You are kind of contradicting your self as you are asking to find a color and then describing an image.

But I can’t as I’ve never used it before but I’m sure if you search the forum for this specific activity you will find an example, else you have the info page

If u are looking to find an element in a web page which is red in color and having exclamation mark… u can use element exit… if u want to find the color then there is an activity(Get color) in uipath to find the color of an element. so u could use it and get the color if u are looking forward to find the color.