Dynamically extracting the values from image with using screen-scrapping only!

Hi guys,

I have one use which i am facing some difficulties, Kindly help me to come out of this !!!
I have bulk of customer documents as images of each 2 pages contains data of Name,Address,Invoice Number and Sales date.it will vary for every images dynamically.
I need to extract the information of those respective fields accurately with with using screen-scrapping or citrix recording on images not by using OCR and doing string manipulations on it.
How can i extract using image scrapping???
I need those respective fields whenever i’m passing a valid image!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!


I am not understanding why you don’t want OCR engines.

If you want to work with images then we have to use OCR engines only and will give accurate results.

because these extraction of fields are already processing using python in my organisation with less cost effective. So again using uipath same thing with higher cost of its license amount they dont need! so my organisation asking me to do in other way !