Dynamically change Option of Excel Application Scope

I have an Excel Application scope that has the Visible Option unchecked. How do I change the Visible Option in the automation? I will have a Boolean value that is true or false, depending on the result I would then like to change the visible option.

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Do you want to change the Visible Option inside the Excel Application Scope Activity? If so, you can use the assign activity setting “ExcelWorkbookScope.Visible” as True.


I think this will do what I need. I do not want anything to show up so Ideally it would happen before the Excel Application Scope.

I don’t think you can access ExcelWorkbookScope outside the scope. If you want to set the visibility before the scope, the only way is using the activity option. And if you want to change it dynamically I believe it would be better if you create the condition before, and maybe using If activity or Flow decision (if using flowchart) to use to different application scope, one with visible as True and the other as False.

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