Dynamically add data in a position in Excel

I am looking to dynamically add data on the second to last row every time i scrape data and load into data table.
Ill appreciate any suggested idea to accomplish this.
Thank you

second to last row , i did not get the point?

an example is the picture above. if i want to add another data say “Kim, 34, 67”, i would want t it to be in row “6” and the current row 6which is “Adam, 33, 88” would move to row 7

and this would happen every time i have a new row. i want “Adam, 33, 88” to always be the last row

Hi @Ayodeji_Osikoya

try this logic
data.xaml (8.2 KB)

excel file used Book1.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Nived N


what activity did you use so that i can install it?

Use add data row activity

In that add the array as dt1.Rows(dt1.Rows.Count-1).ItemArray

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