Dynamic Write cell

Dear RoboGen,

I want an excel automation by writing this logic in write cell activity “=‘Preliminary Receiving Report’!K311”.

That means pick k311 data. Which is Last number of row in column.

Last number of row in column can be changed. It may be K312, K315 or something. How can I design this logic dynamically.

Could anyone please kindly help.

Hi @Sabbir_Anwar

you can try one approach read file and get data as data table. Use datatable.rows.count will provide the count you the count

You can use this number in your text Preliminary Receiving Report’!K***

Hi @Sabbir_Anwar ,

For retrieving the last row in the Excel sheet , You could maybe try using the Find First/Last Row Activity and get the row number. You could then use it in your Write Cell Fomula

If you are unable to access this activity, you could find this by enabling the Modern Design Experience and enabling the Modern Filter in Activities Panel.

Let us know if you still prefer using Classic Activities or unable to find this activity even after enabling the Modern Design.

HI @Sabbir_Anwar

To get the last row you can use this activity

Checkout this video