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I have a SAP workflow in which i have a loop,this loop is for username A,b,c,d…so on. In the loop there is step where i have to click on Total button , once i click on it its opening window sometimes and its opening Hover menu sometimes.And also for the second user or third,this behaviour may change.it might open window with different size or hover menu with different size.
Could anyone help me with this.Which activity i could use to achieve .i was using switch activity but that is not effecient as it look like the code became static for each user.
@Pablito @Palaniyappan @vikaskulhari @loginerror @vvaidya @badita @LevKushnir @Raghavendraprasad Any suggestions could be great


Can we maximize the screen ? If yes then use Maximize activity inside Attach Window activity to maximize the screen.

Its not only the window i am getting, it might be context menu also sometimes for next user.
Ex images (28)

That was just an example,cant provide you from actual project.

Can we use parallel activity here.will that work here ? @lakshman


Did you try Select Menu Item activity ? If not please try it once and check it.

Have a look below thread.

Tried already no use.But here in my scenario,there are two or three probables could happen when we click Total button.one is Attach window kind of window another is context menu with different sizes


Use Element Exist activity and see whether it is kind of Attach Window or Context menu. Based on that you can take decision for next steps.

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Okay let me try that

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