Dynamic Webctrl SRC

Hi everyone,

Currently I’m facing a challenge which the webctrl SRC in selector is dynamic(entire string) and thus causing the project failed to run.
Webctrl SRC value may be different on each run but remain the same(will appeared in other selectors) throughout the entire workflow.

My idea is to replace all the affected webctrl SRC with variable and first step of each run should be to extract & store the webctrl SRC’s value of current run.

I have tried “Get Attributes” activity but not able to locate any SRC.

Appreciated if anyone can give me some advise.

Thanks in advance.

image (Replaced some of the texts with wildcard, not able to retrieve the full text at the moment)


Hi @ATO,

You can pass a variable to your src, right click on where exactly you want to pass and select Set Variable.
You can use wildcards like * before or after your variable.


What you can do is open ur selector in the ui explorer and deselect and SRC and check if the selector is validating if it is validating you dont need to use src there