Dynamic US Holiday



Not a perfect one, but you can use if you find it useful. You need to install the nuget.

Learnt how to create multiple activities.

Custom Activity:

USAHolidayActivities.1.1.3.nupkg (11.7 KB)


Not Custom Activity:


Added Holidays with Names option.

Holidays.xaml (12.5 KB)
USAHolidayActivities.1.0.2.nupkg (8.5 KB)


Nice. I think you maybe missed “Easter”.
Also, “Thanks Giving” should be “Thanksgiving”, and I would add “Day” to “New Year’s Day” and “Christmas Day”.

I might not find a use for this since most Processes can be scheduled on holidays but just won’t process anything, and some holidays are not that consistent year to year, but will keep it handy just incase.


Nice one V :slight_smile:
Why not in Custom Activities section, though?


@claytonM Will update

@andrzej.kniola Not sure how to accommodate 3 functions in 1 activity. I was thinking I need to create 3 activities, instead this is simpler.




Hi @vvaidya

I’m new to Uipath and have no experience of C# or VB, but I still very interested in how to customize activities like you did. From what I know, it’s a coding process through Visual Studio in Vb or C#, then use nuget package explorer to generate nuget package and deploy to UIpath.

So I wonder what materials or articles should I go through for learning customize activities.




moved it to community activities. @vvaidya - could you share the source code and upload it on the community feed :slight_smile: ?


Will do.