Dynamic Selectors not choosing the correct dropdown value

Dear community members,

I am facing the above problem.

This is the selector in question:

Basically I am getting the robot to select the correct drop down:

It is a rather generic google form and I tried to be make the selector more specific by choosing an anchor


The value is read from an excel file into a datatable and the variable role is being assigned accordingly

However, everytime I run the robot, it keeps choosing “Data Analyst” in the dropdown regardless of the value of the role. :expressionless:

This is the URL of the form:

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.

Hi @m.tan,

Have you tried the select item activity?


did you try click activity before selecting the list item?



Please try this selector…You can replace data scientist with the variable you need. And also make sure to click on the dropdown before click

dropdown selector(Innertext replacement can be done here as well if multiple lists are there)

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Contact Details' />
<webctrl aria-role='listbox' tag='DIV' innertext='Choose*Data Analyst*' />

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Contact Details' /> 
<webctrl aria-role='option' tag='DIV' innertext='Data Scientist' />
 <webctrl tag='SPAN' />

Hope this helps


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Thanks all for the help!

Thanks for suggesting select item activity - one which I didn’t think of. It would probably requires evaluation condition e.g. switch? It would make the code less elegant I guess but hey! As long as it works, I think the stress is off my shoulder.

I did click the item list before selecting as well.

The working solution was amazing! How did you learn all these? To be frank, I’m a little frustrated over lack of in-depth documentation on selectors from UiPath but you just saved the day! I haven’t had the time to watch videos made by experts and I guess its about time I start making time for it.

[relieved] [thankful]

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Happy Automation

  1. Select item works on select tags with others its generally not supported so we use other method as posted above …
  2. Yes better watch few videos…and as far as selectors you need to loop for static ones generally wirhout any numbers idx or other dynamic attributes and then accordingly use them as needed…and a little of html knowledge will help you understand which will be static and why

Hope this helps


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Thanks Anil G! Once again, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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