Dynamic Selectors and row level changes

I am new to UIPath and facing an issue in dynamic selectors area. I have a table in an application which shows the requests made. Once the request is placed then there is a request ID generated which shows up in the table. It has a status of request whether completed or running. As this is the common table for all the users, it shows requests for all the users. What has to be done is that the download should happen when the status is changed to completed from running. But when the refresh button is click the row level can be changed or remains same. By that, it might be in the same row, or might go to second row. How to deal with this situation, Please find below the image of the selector


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If row number changes then remove tablerow attribute from the selector and keep tablecolumn and aaname attributes but set variable to aaname attribute value as it’s keep changing for each transaction item.

The removal of table row can be done and the other two selectors can be kept in place. But, my request remains a specific request ID which just pushes down the row if someone else makes a request. Can this be tackled?


I hope Request ID value is set to aaname attribute right. If yes then it can tackle. Change the selector as I mentioned and then try to highlight the selector and see whether it is indicating exact value or not.

If there are multiple requests in place, then how do we tackle this situation? Where we have to check status of each request download each request file one by one.


First scrape all the request details from application using Data Scraping if it is structured data. And then iterate one by one request to process it.

What if the requests move to the next page?


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