Dynamic selector not changing to next page

Hi All, @jeevith

i am trying to iterate each row of internet table which is spanning in multiple pages, but it not working. what is happening is it is scrapping all 5 pages and start iterating row by row but of 5th page.

i want that it should start from the 1st page and then 2nd like wise

kindly help to resolve my issue.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari ,

So when you scraped the data, did you get all the rows (first row in Page 1 and upto the last row in page 5)?

When you scrape data from a table you can choose how many rows you want to extract in the Extract Wizard. Have you set it to a large value?

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i scrapped the all pages by selecting image and set the value as 1000 in the scrapping wizard. but what is happening is it scrap all the pages and start iterating from the first row of 5th page.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Check next page selector and correct it Accordingly

if you can see this


this is same for every page like tablecol and table row