Dynamic selector java idx

Hi there!

I know my question has a similar post but none of their post quite exactly the same to mine and almost read it all, but again I can’t find the exact answer. So my problem is, I need to check ‘organization’ in Oracle application. Line 1 (Org SKCH) is fixed, I can freely check the org without any problem, but the second line (Org SKHK) that I need to check is dynamic it sometimes placed it on Line 4 or Line 8 or Line 9. I used ‘Click push button’ activity and records the java idx = ‘8’ wherein ‘8’ is the first screenshot indicated on the screen. What I want is to ignore the ‘8’ in java idx, and prioritize ‘Org SKHK’ so that wherever this org is placed either Line 4 or 9, there will be no problem. hope you guys help me with that. Thank you.

Can you try with click image ?