Dynamic selection

I am automating an application with Excel file. it consists in modifying the amount of money to be assigned to a file.

I have the following information in the app:

Type Amount to be assigned
Type 1 xxx $
Type 2 yyy $

How can the robot click on the right amount to be assigned space if Type is type 1 in my excel file for instance.?


  • Read excel using Read Range activity which will give output as DataTable.
  • Use For Each row in DataTable. Mention an integer variable for index.
  • If row(0).tostring.contains(“type 1”) Then select the cell using “Select Range” activity with range as “B” + (Index+1).
  • Use Break Activity to break the loop.

Error typing
It is actually like this:
Type Amount to be assigned
Type 1 xxx
Type 2 yyy

Yes i got it. Still you need to use the same logic as i mentioned previously.

the amount to be modified is on a web app.
However the type must be read from the Excel file
Do you get it?

Okay. Got it.

So now you know the amount. You can click on the amount using dynamic selector.

  • Use get text activty.
  • Indicate any amount randomly.
  • Open the selector of get text using UiExplorer and check the aaname attribute.
  • Now make the aaname as dynamic using a string variable.
    Eg: "<html app='chrome.exe' title='*PageTitle*' /><webctrl aaname='" + StringAmount +"' />"

Or Else you can simply give Click text activity with amount specified.