Dynamic Select item does work for some values

The select item works well for some values but for other values it does not. Is there a way we can create a selector for select item contains this value and proceed.

You could try the “Set Attribute” activity to change its text or value attribute. I’m not completely sure though, and you could look at the attributes using UiExplorer or view source code on the page.

If you are instead wanting a more dynamic way to select the item using Select Item, then you need to store all the items into a list then filter that list by a pattern or condition, then use the value that you filtered the list to in the Select Item activity. (I think if I remember right you can get all the items using Get Attribute with items attribute.)

I apologize for my lack of explanation.

I hope this helps though.


Thanks @ClaytonM. Few of them worked with set attribute and few had to use different workaround below is syntax
Workaround 1: Set Attribute

check screenshot for the usage of set attribute. Only issue with this usage is that dependent control don’t get activated

Workaround 2: ReExp String
if your items follow a syntax, then split the string and pass unique syntax. if options are Item 11, item 22…etc. give input into select as “* 11”. This is only used if normal select doesn’t work

Hope this helps.