Dynamic Screenshots with selector ids

Hi, I need to take screenshots from a website where the URL is dynamic (based on some product IDs which I do not wish to disclose):sweat_smile:. The image of which I wish to take screenshots has two dynamic things. The thing which is consistently dynamic is “idx”. It is present with every image. But the trouble is that there is another attribute called “role”. For some images “role” is assigned the value ‘grouping’ and for some images, “role” is not available at all. For the “idx” I was able to make it dynamic with “*”, but I am not able to tackle “role”.
Could anyone help me?


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Can you share the screenshot of the selectors you are getting?


This is the error that I get when the image used from web also has the “role” attribute.

@Sanchit_Jain take UI explorer go to UI framework. Active accessibility. May be it help. For more please share snaps.


There’s nothing in properties inspector.

use indicate element where you are getting selectors.

like this and save.


Instead of role, you can search for another element in UiExplorer and make it dynamic

Hope this helps


I got this, I am a beginner.

I am not able to understand what should I do, after I get the above window (that I shared an ss of).

Can check whether aaname is varying @Sanchit_Jain

take two selectors (Prodcut ID X and Product ID Y) using UI explorer with different product ID and compare this or send us the screen shots.

Hi @anandji05,
Are you trying to match the images?

No. I am trying to match the selectors. There is two selectors for Image X and Image Y.
So in this way we can find out the way.