Dynamic Schedule

Business want to update the below table in the excel and the bot has to trigger on the below mentioned date on monthly basis what’s the best solution ?


the schedule looks like it should be triggered on each third Tuesday of a month

Have look here (14:00h can be adapted for sure):

also have a look here:

Hi @prabhu_ponnusamy,

Use this site to write your cron expiration for advance schedule the triggers.


We assumed that the question is about scheduling where Time Trigger and a Cron Expression can be used.

When the question is about creating a series of 3rd Month Tuesdays for a year we can do:

And also rewrite it to a Query Syntax to enhance the readability

Assign Activity:
arrThirdMonthTuesdays | DateTime Array =

(From i In Enumerable.Range(0,365)
Let d = New DateTime(2024,1,1).AddDays(i).Date
Where d.DayOfWeek.Equals(System.DayOfWeek.Tuesday)
Group d By k= d.Month Into grp=Group
Select t3 =  grp(2)).ToArray

We can dynamized it also by variables
Leaps years are ignored for simplification as the third December Tuesday is always before the last Year date and before the 365th or 366th Year day