Dynamic Robot Assignment based on Specific Conditions

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I’m facing a scenario where I need to dynamically assign a robot based on specific conditions within my UiPath Orchestrator environment. For example, I want to assign a robot with a specific tag only if the current day is a weekday and the time is within business hours. What would be the most efficient approach to implement this dynamic robot assignment in UiPath Orchestrator?

To dynamically assign a robot in UiPath Orchestrator based on specific conditions, you can implement the following approach:

  1. Utilize Orchestrator API calls to retrieve a list of available robots with the desired tag.
  2. Implement custom logic in UiPath Studio, checking the current day and time against your specified conditions.
  3. Use the UiPath Orchestrator HTTP Request activities to dynamically assign the robot to the desired job if the conditions are met.

For example, in UiPath Studio:

If (IsWeekday() && IsBusinessHours())
    // Use Orchestrator HTTP Request activities to assign the robot dynamically
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