Dynamic range lookup

I have a 2 datatables
Dt1 : having columns fname,lname,concat
Dt2 : having columns address,concat

I am looking for address using vlookup and this lookup value will come in Dt1, how to pass the range dynamically.??

Can somone help out for this scenario on how to do lookup here for range data

Hi @shivarajvp555 ,

Are you looking for a Specific value to use as a Look Up Value ? Or do you want to iterate through all rows of DT1 and use the concat column value as Look Up value in DT2 and fetch the corresponding row from DT2 and get the address ?

If you could provide us in the form of what are the Inputs and what should be the output, we would be able to help you faster.

Yes I have to iterate through all the rows of Dt1 with Concat as Lookup value from DT1, and get the address for each row from Dt2, that address should be added as lookup output value into the Dt1.

if no address is found for that contact
The column should be made blank or what?
Could you please explain that too.


Sreejith S S

Hey @shivarajvp555
I have developed a workflow for you
please have a look at it
Main.xaml (17.7 KB)


Sreejith S S