Dynamic Locators are not working when using variable

Hello everyone,

I have a problem and if you can help me I would really appreciate. So I’m attached to the following web page: https://www.firmenabc.at/result.aspx?what=Fotograf&where=&exact=false&inTitleOnly=false&l=&si=50&iid=&sid=&did=&cc=

and I’m trying to extract Mail and address from each business that has available mail and web address.

But unfortunately scraping locators are not working properly, I’m using URL and DIV tags to locate elements but unfortunately, this is not working. I tested this with hardcoded URL and it validated correctly but when I run the whole sequence it’s not working. I tried to use URL in locators as a variable with {{url}} and also ‘"+url+"’ but none of these are working. If someone can take a look at an attached solution I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance for the help.

RecordingSequence.xaml (20.8 KB)