Dynamic input for web automation and screen scrapping to PDF format

Dynamic input for Web Automation
When using web automation, it is possible to have dynamic inputs to be read from external source (an application or database) for each step of the workflow? This includes input at runtime based on user selection (externally or through automation):

  1. To identify the web page to open
  2. User name and password to login to a website
  3. Controls which needs to be populated in the web page (depending on user selection, different control needs to be populated with dynamic data)
    Screen scrapping
    It is possible to save a page content as PDF as one of the step in web automation?

Assuming you would need to build yourself a matrix in a database and then use decision points or switches to dictate which route and data is required based on user selections.

Depending on how much content / which data you require from the page, you can either take a screenshot and save or automate the process to save as PDF in the browser

Thank you for the response. Is there any tutorial or sample which shows how to create web page automation workflow based on external input?