Dynamic Information in a loop

Hi Community,
I have a list of links available with me in my excel, for some links email ID is available on the web app and for some they are not.
In some cases the Hyperlink I click on is present and I am able to fetch email address and for the one’s where the hyperlink is not present I would like to return in my excel file that no email ID was found,( I have tried Element Exists)

Hi @ishaan.aggarwal !
Are you having troubles to see if there is an ID in the website ?
Or are you struggling to write the information in the excel file ?

What i suggest you is:
→ to read range (and check add headers) your excel file
→ Then use foreach row activity to loop in your excel file datatable
→ inside the foreach row, put a open browser with your hyperlink
→ inside the open browser, use get text on the element where usually the ID is

  • If get text returns an empty element then you use assign activity with row(“nameOfColumnToSayThereIsNoID”) = “No ID Found”
    → outside of the if condition, close your hyperlink
    → Then outside of the foreach loop, use write range (check add headers) to write the datatable where you added “No ID Found”

Hi Hiba,
The problem that I am having is after clicking on a hypertext, I have to use Ctrl+F to find the element( Because it is further down in the page) in some cases that element is present for which I can click upon and then design my sequence accordingly but when that element is not present I would like run another sequence say write in my excel sheet Not found in front of the search.

Also, Another issue that I am facing is I want my field to be empty before typing a new case but even after changing the property it is not happening.