Dynamic Excel FilterOptions

Hello all,

I’m struggling with the Excel - Filter Table activity and its formats. My goal is to dynamically filter one excel file based on the information in other excel file and then save the filtered result, send it to someone and use filter for next row, but I’m kinda stuck on the filter options.

When I’m using just default value {“whatever”} for the filter_Service instead of the info from cell it is working fine, but I just don’t know how to align those two variable types.

Structure looks like this:
1.Excel scope 1
Read Cell -> Result: filter_Service - variable type = system.string
2. Excel scope 2
Filter table:
FilterOptions: filter_Service

I have no validation errors, but when I run it - it gives me: Message:ArrayConverter cannot convert from System.String

PS: when i’m using just string / genericValue - the Filter table does not accept it.


Hi have you got the solution for this ?