Dynamic Dropdown

Hi Team,

I have a basic question on dropdown.

I wanted to choose a specific value from a dropdown
Assume the dropdown contains values as
And i wanted to choose star.
I am using Select Item. While using Take informative screenshot i am getting error as
This control does not support selected item
Selector contains - webctrl id=‘brand’ tag=‘INPUT’
How to resolve this error help needed…

Team any updates regarding my query ?

Any updates?

Hi @Robotics,

Try with web recording,

If it didn’t work then try by using same web recording with series of clicks.

add the following activities in order,

  1. Click “Dropdown list arrow” :arrow_down_small: (so that the item list will show up)
  2. Set Focus on the item list
    3-1. Assign an ItemValue <String> that you’d like to select.
    3-2. Click Item with Target Selector
    "<webctrl aaname='" & ItemValue & "' tag='INPUT' />"

just replied this alternative sequence in the other post, so please let me know if this works for you. :upside_down_face: