Dynamic Clicks based on Number of Zipcodes

I have a table which looks like this on some pages of a website


and somewhere it looks like this


and somewhere like this


So how do I configure my bot to click on all zip codes as per the page shows

can you use the table extraction activity, and pass each element to click activity and make the selector dynamic


Sorry Didn’t get you

Hi @Ishan_Shelke1 ,

  • Use get text activity to store those values in a varaiable “varZipcodes”
  • Split that variable with /
  • Use for each activity to loop the splits array
  • Use click activity and indicate first zipcode Eg: “995”
  • Then edit the selector and pass the value dynamically from the loop to the static value(995)

Hey @Ishan_Shelke1,

As explained by @aanandsanraj you can follow the step to click on each of the zip code.

If by clicking you are navigating to another tab, than better to make the url dynamic and pass the zip code into the URL and use navigate browser activity to navigate to that particular url.


the same logic as previous question, but instead of filtering by tag=“th” , we filter by tag=“a”
Main.xaml (10.2 KB)


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