Dynamic Clicking Movie Search Challenge

Hi all,

I am trying to solve the RPA Challenge Movie Search I got the sentiment AI working but have an issue with clicking my answer.
So what it does is that it takes a review, analyse it, returns a value, and based on that value it should choose whether its a positive review or negative. The thing is, it clicks for the first review, but faults when I want it to click on the other reviews. in other words i wanted to scroll down all the reviews and select positive or negative.

Anyone has a solution for this guys? I tried to use anchor base but it faulted, tried to edit the selector, but had not enough knowledge to be able to adjusted.

Thanks in advance folks!

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Hi Eskaff,

I have completed this task by using uipath, AI model and javascript.
You need to apply javascript for dynamic click on negative and positive button
Please share your mail ID i will send my code to you.

I have also posted video and about the challenge in linkdin.
here is the link : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/shubham-singh-rawat_rpa-javascript-artificialintelligence-activity-6620249153177964545-5DYo

feel free to ask any query you have related to challenge.

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Please send me on my mail id prathemeshsangle@gmail.com

Hi Shubh ,

Can you please send the solution to me?

Thank you

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Hi Shubh ,

Can you please send the solution to saseendransajith@gmail.com for reference

Thank you

Hi Shubh, Can you please share the code to this sruthispvs@gmail.com?

Thanks in Advance.

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I have already shared my code in share drive… If check above comments you will get …

I got it, thank you so much

@Shubh You tried it with Text Analysis?

I have completed the task by integrating rest API in the uipath workflow.
Steps followed:

  1. Load the the website
  2. Select popular movies
  3. start challenge
  4. Select first movie from the list by iterating using while loop (take ID as a parameter for dynamic selector)
    a. extract the movie reviews using data scraping activity and save in data table(DT)
    b. iterate through each row in DT and pass the review to web api (http request)
    i. convert the string response to json object
    ii. extract the sentiment from json object
    iii. select the respective sentiment on the webpage with dynamic click activity
    (parameter for dynamic selection - id of movie review and sentiment)
    c. repeat the same for 2nd and 3rd movie
  5. then click on the submit button to get the score.

for more details refer the links below

Link to the git repository - https://gitlab.com/botbotgo/RPAChallengeMovieSearch
Link to the explanation video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ycw-gGj2A0

Please mark it as solved if it answers your query.

Cheers :blush:

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sounds great. since imma beginner i’ll have to study more on REST API and how to integrate it into UiPath and all right?

yes! but its not that difficult. there are already various documentation available. and to start with you can check the above video. There are some basics on how you can use an API in uipath. Let me know if you face any issues.

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Sure. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile: