Dynamic Click on Unstructured Data

Currently working on a flow where I simply want it to click each line. The issue I face is to get this information, I’ve had to use ‘Screen Scraping’ as Data Scraping doesen’t work.

This unstructured data I have put this into a Datatable and within a For Each, I’ve specified a click activity.
The issue I face is it’s not clicking each line, but rather the first line.

In the past when working with structured data, I’ve been able to use an Assign to create a variable that is then passed under ‘aaname’ or some other identifier within the info.

But for this program I’m using, that simply isn’t possible.

However, there are specific distances with each row on the Application, so could I instruct it that with each line, the click location moves down a specific number of pixels?

Which program are you automating? Find Children activity could likely be used to click on the lines.

Hi @steve1977beyond ,

Could you let us know How is the Click configured and what is the element in the Screen used for Clicking ? When Highlighted does it indicate the row that you want to click ?

If possible, Could you also let us know how the manual steps are performed ?

The Application I’m interfacing with is specific to the company and essentially I have an unstructured list with various columns.
This is then passed to a Data Table and I’ve verified that it’s copied successfully with everything in it’s correct columns.

I then want to say, ‘For Each Row’ in dtData…


Basically for it to click a specific location for each line of data

After looking at the application moreso, each line does have a different IDX value.
But when i try and use a dynamic variable in place of the IDX value, it doesen’t click each line.

Suppose my question is, if there’s two lines of data, how can i get it select IDX1…then IDX2 etc

This is what I’m dealing with:

Are there row elements available as well, or just cells?

There are part numbers on each line (could be any number of lines) but the area it needs for each row in the datatable is blank

I meant in UiExplorer - could you share a screenshot which contains the parent element to the cells?

Thankfully there are ways for me to accomplish what I need to do via keyboard shortcuts (thankfully!)

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