Dynamic anchor to get data from an online table

Hi all.

I’m trying to read values from an online table (yahoo finance), whereas the column (date) should be selected felxible based on an input given to the robot.
Currently I’m using “get text” and two anchors. One of the anchors should indicate the line, while the other should indicate the column.

I’m looking for a solution to get the column-anchor “flexible or dynamic” so that I can read a date value from an Excel file (say “30.12.2021”) via “read cell”, save it to a “saved value” and the anchor should then be moved to exactly this position in the table dynamically.

I’tried to choose only the “Fuzzy Selector” and it works, when I enter the date manuall in the “text is” box.
But I’m unfortunately unable to get the saved variable into this box automatically.

Is there any simple soultion for that or should I try a completely different approach for my issue?

Thanks a lot to the community for your help in advance!

Best regards!