Dynamic Allocation for Queue Triggers

Issue Description: Dynamic Account-Machine mapping for a set of Robots to run in parallel.


  1. Dynamically allocate any Account-Machine pair to a Queue based trigger similar to the Time based trigger is working right now
  2. The reason behind this is to avoid having a dedicated folder where the Account required is assigned and set the Allocation to dynamic
  3. Also if using the Time based trigger, then the jobs will be in pending state and the concept of parallel execution is not sustainable.

Resolution: Currently, there are 2 workarounds,

  • Workaround #1: Amend the process to direct the Queue Items across multiple Queues and create Sub Folders to achieve 1-1 Account machine mapping.
  • Workaround #2: The time based triggers can then be utilized for parallel processing of the queue and triggers can be set to run for example with a 5 minutes gap (or how this fits your needs) between them or at the same time.