Dynamic aaname where value has to be read dynamically

How to load dynamic aaname where the values are like from 1 to 10 names in .csv file .

they have to be replaced in aaname dynamically for for each row and perform some actions and loopback to next name and continue.

You can try assign the aaname in some variable and you cab pass that variable to the selector.

Hi Arvind21

thanks for the reply , I have tried that earlier it is not working.

You can try finding the selector with other properties like id…or combination or some ?

If that’s not working can you sharing selector screenshot before and after you replace it with variable?

1.Read the CSV File and store in Data table Dt.
2.use For each row
3.Assign names to a variable
4.Then using UIExplorer identify the selector of the field by using indicate element and indicate the particular element you want to make to dynamic

change the selector as below

for example you are entering the Date field as dynamic

webctrl isleaf=‘1’ tableCol=‘6’ tableRow=‘5’ tag=‘TD’ aaname=’"& dateVar &"’ /

A Manohar