Dyanamic selector not working

Hi All,

i am facing issue while iterating the each row of internet table.

i have to each row of table which is dynamic, so i changed the static selector to dynamic which was constant, but the bot is not clicking the row at all.

kindly help.

error: is selector not found

Hi, kindly check the idx value too, it will keep changing for different rows, you may need to increment that too


check this time selector, there is no “idx”, still getting error.


Using UI explore, try if it is validating without idx value, then try removing it, or use wildcards

It is may be the issue with adding ‘sCurrentIndex+2’. Please add this in separate variable and convert it to string then add the variable in Selector like
currentIndex = sCurrentIndex+2 //int type
NewCurrIndex = CStr(currentIndext) //String Type
{{NewCurrIndex}} in Selector

I hope this helps. Please mark as solution if it works

It’s clicking on the 2nd row of table and then clicking on 4th row of table for three times, then complete it’s executing.

what i done is suggested by you


Any suggestion?

I guess it is because you are incrementing by 2, it clicks, 2, 4 like that

you have to look for the values, how they increase, may be by 1 or 2 etc.,

increment the value accordingly inside the for loop

No, my actual row starts from 2nd, so incremented with 2, then it should go on next row i.e 3rd row, but clicking on 4th row.

so initially assign idx=2 outside the loop

click the 2 position
do the necessary activities inside the loop
increment the idx=idx+1

now this will make it point the next one, ie 3

now, there is no idx in selectors, there is only table row which i increased and that is starting form 2.please find the image of selector on above reply

so instead of idx, increment table row and try

yes, that only i m doing,


i made a variable and pass it in selector like this.


Any Suggestions would be appreciated?

could you please send me your xml file, it will be easier to show me where you need change, make sure you remove confidential details, thanks

CompareData.xaml (22.6 KB)

Check uploaded file, and it is clicking on same row every time.

CompareData.xaml (25.6 KB)

initiate the currentindex outside the loop, as it starts with 2, we are giving 2 as initial value.

Please note inside for loop, we are incrementing by 1, ie because we want 3,4 5 like that to be clicked.

Please try, make necessarry changes, this is just for guidance of the concept. Hope that helps.

The Above code not at all clicking on the row.

generate this error


This is selector, how come it is taking 0th row in run time

Hi, I could help only with logic, if you want to look into selectors, possibly I need to playaround the selectors, if you can share the website.