Duvida download de arquivos com formatos diferentes

Doubts downloading files with different formats

I need to automate downloads of files that have different formats for example: .jpeg .JPG .tiff .pdf .png .bpm

The problem is, I don’t know what the file is until I click to download it.

And depending on the type of file it opens a new browser tab for example .pdf and .jpeg

When the file is .JPG the download is direct, how do I make the robot identify that it has already downloaded it or use hotkey “crtl +s” to save the file?


you can use the wait for download activity,


Hey @fernando_zuluaga
I don’t understand how this activies can help me

Because by clicking on the icon, if it is a .JPG file, it downloads directly
But if another .pdf format opens a new browser tab


so you can first the click activity, and then attach window for the new tab displayed, then download the element. lastly surround with try catch activity that secuence.

leave the catch field empty.


Hi, @fernando_zuluaga

Let me see if I understand, do I put the click to run the download before the try catch and if you download it, go to a new search and if you open the new tab in the browser does it run the exception?

I think I didn’t explain it right, I need the robot to know when it opened the new tab. Which only happens when it’s a *.JPG file

PDF and *jpeg files the browser downloads directly without opening a new tab.

the behaviour is controlled from the browser on how to handle the different file types. But give a try on modelling the flow:

  • right click on the download arrow icon
  • select: save target as


Thank you it worked

1st right click
2nd Save link as

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