During one main sequence, how can I extract information from a completely new window that gets opened on Google?

I have created one main sequence flow for Google Chrome browser. At one point, the flow clicks on a link, which opens a document in a new Google window (Not TAB a new WINDOW).
I want the same flow to go to this newly opened google window and extract some data from it.

Without getting an error message saying UI element not found, how can I switch my flow focus from one google browser window to another?


once the process in the first page is completed, you need to add another Use Application/Browser Activity and focus in the window opened, then do your activities inside that, or if you are working in classic use the attach windows activity to focus in the window you want, remember that every new tab or window should be attached for a new Use app/browser activity or attach browser or attach window based on your needs


I am using Modern Ui Studio.
As a part of the process we click on this link which opens in new window and this link will change every time. Not sure how to use browser activity again in middle of flow for that link which changes every time.