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I want to see how long a process take to finish the job, does anyone know if there is any way to see the duration of a process in Orchestrator?

Hi @Khoa_Automation-Factory

Check out this thread. It might help you.


once the job run is over for a process, you can open Automation - > JOBS tab and click on " i " symbol to that run
it shows the start time and end time like this



hm, I would need an easier explanation for that :sweat_smile: never worked with APIs before. Could u explain in easier terms or is there a tutorial for that solution, which I can recreate? Would be much appreciated!

Thank you this is really accurate, unfortunately it is also laborious if u have to look that up for every process. But this will work for now, thank you.

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hope its clarified, if yes would recommend to close the topic


Hi @Khoa_Automation-Factory ,

We have also the Export Option in the Jobs Panel, to get the details of all processes at One Go.

I would like to wait and try the API Solution, if @Parvathy would like to further eloborate on that topic.

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