Duplication of machine instances at a License Level


We have observe the following bug on UiPath Cloud Orchestrator (Entreprise Version 20.3.19-release.54): For some unknown reason, at a license level, the machines seem to get duplicated:

One instance of the same machine will be licensed and the other unlicensed. Although the image above, represents an stable situation (aka won’t stop the execution), it has happened that the robots get assigned to the wrong instance (one that is considered unlicensed) and then it will stop running even though we haven’t modified the number of licenses or the machines/robots:
In our case, we have one robot per machine and the exact number of licenses.

Is this a bug? I’ve never seen this before!


This happened after a change there? Maybe after orchestrator update or something else?

There was the latest update of the Cloud Orchestrator… It had never happend before. We made no modifications on our licenses or robots during that time

Hello - did anyone ever manage to resolve this issue?