Duplicates in find children

I am duplicates texts if I use find children

Hi @KarthikBallary
can you please be a bit more descriptive ?

By using find children activity,
I am getting duplicate texts. i.e. I am getting a single text twice and getting difficult to validate

and even if check box is unabled it is still showing box is enabled

May I know what we are trying to fetch with find children activity
Cheers @KarthikBallary

mail ids present in Ui

Can you please pass me the screenshot of where this is being used!!!

As for checkbox, you may need to get the code updated for the same

confidential matter so i can’t share the scrren. Can you pls tell wht u mean by updating the code

Checkbox works usually, you may need to work on the selectors type and see what’s going wrong

This can be done in UI-Explorer

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