I am trying to copy entire text from an excel file and paste it to another. I am using ReadRange from excelsheet 1 and WriteRange to excelsheet2.
Since I have some duplicate columns as a part of the excelsheets, i am getting the following error.

MasterDataPrep has thrown an exception

Message: A column named ‘ABC’ already belongs to this DataTable.

Source: Read range

Exception Type: DuplicateNameException

I have charts inside the excelsheet2 because of which I cannot use Excel Application Scope. Please suggest the solution for the DuplicateNameException error message.


Hi @nesachdeva,

While reading don’t include header from the base file(excelsheet1) and similarly while writing avoid headers(excelsheet2) .

Please note : For this you need to write from second row (i.e. A2 or anything) and also the headers should be fixed in the source file (excelsheet2)



That worked. Thanks!


kindly help with, the datatable has value “0” in every row but I need to read the value as 0 only.


Did you remove “add headers” property from the activitiy?


Try it with “add header” checkbox add or remove(if you have duplicate data in rows then add header) and check it


Thanks that worked!!


Hi All,

Even I’m getting the same issue. But I want to do Read Range(DT) on an Excel. After I need to extract data from that DT using the Header.(Using GetRowItem).

I we skip to add Headers(Checkbox Readrange) I cannot achieve the getRowItem using the Header Name.

Is there any other way to Eliminate this Error ?


@Vikas.Jain or @Gabriel_Tatu could someone please help me regarding this issue?


i m not sure i understand what you are trying to do, but if you have 18.2.3 studio, we have some new datatable activities that might help you

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