Duplicated package

sorry for newbi in here.

For debug purpose, I updated the process in studio. So I published it into a new pkg name call ‘Debug-Pkg’ and create a new process called ‘Debug-Process’ and assign this pkg to it.

Now, debug is finished… and I am try to apply the fix into process. So once again, I publish it in studio to original pkg called 'Orig-Pkg". I though that will work … but not. it did not overwrite the original pkg. Now my orchestrator has two pkg with same name ‘Orig-pkg’. …

  1. what can I do to assign the new pkg to the “Orig-process” process?
  2. how to remove the duplicate package?


Can you share the screenshot of package names


thanks Srini84 response. I finally find out why. Their name is NOT duplicated. After recently upgrade, space is replaced by . ( period) in the package name… After I fix it, it work now… many thanks