Duplicated execution log in Studio Community v2019.6.0 and v2019.6.0-beta.83

Hi All,

We have found duplicate execution log when execute process from Studio.
Need confirmation of the same behavior and fixed from UiPath

Hi @amnuay,
Are you able to check other versions if there is similar problem? Eventually test it on other computer?

@Pablito Yes I’ve check with mentioned version and on at least 2 machines for now. maybe more soon. But better check in the code itself too. Thank you ^^

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Just recheck it is not duplicated again in 2019.7.0-beta.12 CE will try some other if available.

Seems no duplication already on all version… What’s cause???

If you are downgrading the version please downgrade packages as well. I think you could use older version with newer packages that why all versions seems to work right now.