If in excel duplicate column is there then can we read excel?
and how

I dont think, the UiPath will allow that, either you need to rename one of the duplicate column

HI @Babita_Shinde

If there is a duplicate columns in excel it will read. But the file should exist.


can you elaborate please


You can still read the excel but with headers column unchecked as if two column names are same then it wild fail…so read without headers


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will I able to read because value also can duplicate

Yes @Babita_Shinde if there is any duplicates in the excel file you are able to read the excel file.
And there is a activity to remove the duplicates “Remove Duplicates” activity.

@Babita_Shinde : In order to use the excel file, you will need headers, so duplicate headers not allowed in UiPath, as per my knowledge, you might need to rename the column


If you dont read headers then you can read the data from excel without any issues


I need read with headers


Then you need to replace the name of duplicate headers

You cannot read with headers if name is same


Okay, Thank you