Duplicate Values Count increment - HELP

Hi, Can anyone help me to acheive this Output:
Plesae help Asap,Please help with xaml File Please. Thankyou in advance.

Hi @Anjali_Rani !
Try this and let us know :smile:
Sequence.xaml (13.9 KB)

Hi, thankyou this is working, But the problem is i have large data and this is taking too much time , can you check once my solution, i dont know where i am doing wrong,PlNames.xlsx (8.8 KB) Sequence.xaml (24.4 KB) ease check once.

Hi @Anjali_Rani ,

Another possible approach (with one loop only) would be to take advantage of the Sort Data Table activity before indexing the items.

The workflow, although very simplistic, looks like this:

Demo file: DuplicateValueCount.xaml (12.2 KB)

Best regards,

Use linq code it will fast.

Hi,But i dont want to sort the data…I want numeric suffix with the same rows where data is present.How can i achieve this.Please help

Please help with code. Thankyou in advance

Hi @Anjali_Rani !
As @copy_writes said the solution on a very large number of rows is Linq.
I am not very good on it, i’ll try to create something but meanwhile maybe @ppr might help, or copy_writes ?

working with this testdata:

in this flow, quick prototyping it:

we get:


(From d In dtData.AsEnumerable
Group d By k=d(0).toString.trim Into grp=Group
From i In Enumerable.Range(0,grp.Count)
Let cnt = If(i=0,"","_"& i.toString)
Let ra = {(k & cnt).trim}
Order By dtData.Rows.IndexOf(grp(i))
Select dtData2.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

Find starter help here:
GroupBy_1Col_AddGrpMemberCounter.xaml (7.1 KB)


Thank you so much.

Hi,Anjali You can also use this Approach.This is suitable if there is large amount of data.
By using Generic.dictionary key,value pair You can solve this.
Try this…Hope this will work for you.
Mark this as Solution , if it works.
Main.xaml (15.3 KB)


Thank you So much.

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