Duplicate number with different information

How do I retrieve the information even though it has duplicate number.
For example: Same Car number plate, which has been rented a few times.

Tried using join data table and it didnt work

Hi @Hello ,

You mean to say, you want to get unique values, by removing duplicates??

Can you please help me the screenshot, if possible…

Im trying to find out the customer’s details which can be extracted from the rental worksheet based on the vehicle carplate number in the summoned worksheet. However there is the same carplate number rented twice.

Hi @Hello ,

I think, i got your issue. Based on my understanding, you want get the people data based the day fine has been raised.

EX- Vehicle-GB743 was rented on 15/02/2020

You want to get Customer who have rented on that date rgt??

If yes, on wat basis you want to look. Do you have any column comman between 2 sheets?
Like ID or Rented date or any other…

Yup Im trying to get the customer who have rented on that date.
The column in common between 2 sheets is the Vehicle carplate number only


Can you share the excel file,let me have a look at it…

And help me with one record, how you want to get the output…

find starter help here:
FindDupsUniquesFirstFromGroup_By1Col.xaml (9.3 KB)

a group by on the key columns ( in your cas the Carplate Number) allows to find duplicates based on this key column

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