Duplicate log entries in Orchestrator

Sorry if this is in the wrong place - New to the forums. I’ve searched for this issue and didn’t find a cause/resolution.

Running Version 2020.4.1

I’ve got a simple process that queries a database and creates queue entries for the found items. The process is working fine, being triggered in Orchestrator by a timed trigger. But I’m seeing duplicate log entries:

These log entries are simple Log Message activities:

I’m only getting 6 queue entries, as expected (Not 12, like it is running twice). The log details about each duplicate log entry are identical. Any suggestions on how I’m getting duplicate log entries? Is this expected behavior?

Thanks in advance,

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@dwhite42 - please check -

Orchestrator-> process - select NFR_*** process -> : -> go to process settings-> check is process start option is enabled… if its enabled-> pls disable and check…

@GBK Thanks very much for getting back…

I’ve checked that setting and it is NOT enabled:

I don’t think it’s running twice - If it was, I think I would have 12 queue entries instead of the 6 I’m expected. I think it’s just that the log entries are showing up twice.

@dwhite42 - can you pls revisit trigger conditions aswell… am not anticipating a duplicate log display in orchestrator…

@GBK - Sure thing… Pretty standard, I think:

@dwhite42 - pls try to select a specific robot -> select one robot from the robot list -> trigger the process and check…

it will show one log entry…

@GBK - I only have one robot. But I selected that one robot, and I’m still seeing duplicate log entries.

Could this have something to do with it?

How do I remove that second, inactive entry?

If anyone is interested, I basically removed everything and started over. After recreating the machine, robot, everything - But running the exact same code - The duplicate log entries went away. Never found the cause.

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