Duplicate Invoices and Score

Hi Team,

Hope you all are well. I need help.
Currently i have a workflow which can extract the information from different invoices and export to a excel file.
What i currently need help is . I have another file with information from the invoices. I need to Compare " Information extracted from Invoice from the workflow" vs the information present in the excel file. Then the bot has to compare these two information and say which ones are duplicate.

I have attached the workflow and the excel file to be compared.

Please let me know how to go about it,


Hi @srinivas_pradeep

Can u share the screenshot of excel file if possible?

hey @srinivas_pradeep

I suppose extracting the text from the other files which are to be matched and storing them into excel and then using remove duplicates function could be much easier.

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Hi @nv08,

Thank you for the idea. Can you please help me with modifying in xaml.
Please find attached the file.Multiple_Invoices.xaml (24.2 KB) Report.xlsx (6.9 KB) invoice1


Thanks. Please find attached.

Currently i have the file that have 3 invoices details “report.xlsx” provided by you and I need the second file in which the details of invoices are present .
So that i could compare them and look for duplicate values

I have already attached the invoices.invoice1

“I have another file with information from the invoices.”

I need this file for comparing @srinivas_pradeep
I suppose report.xlsx is the file which is the output of your workflow. I Need the second file to which i should comapre report file

sorry . Please find attached. thank you.Comparison_file.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hi @srinivas_pradeep

How duplicate item should be detected

Like can u show how output should be like?

Sequence.xaml (6.0 KB)
Kindly check the workflow and let me know if it works.


The bot can create an excel file with the duplicates.


@srinivas_pradeep you need the duplicate ones or to delete them?

@nv08 i need to have them in the separate file if possible. So that i can go and check which one’s are duplicate. thanks

Sequence.xaml (7.4 KB)
@srinivas_pradeep here you go.

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Thank you @nv08. Great help. Really appreciate it. I will come back if any further queries.

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one question @nv08 do we need to run it as a separate bot or we can integrate into the main file? i am not sure how do i put it in one workflow. thank you

After your document understanding part report.xlsx file will be generated.
The another file i suppose will be available any time you want (comparison_file.xlsx).
So this solution can be implemented right after the data extraction process in a single main workflow.

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Thank you @nv08

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