Duplicate Image Rename and Move - Help

Here i want to save the image Untitled with untitled_1,untitled_2 and so on. I am not figuring out where i am wrong.
Can anyone help me into this. Thankyou in advance.


Here , i am attaching my Xaml file,Please help ASap. Thankyou in advance.

Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

@Anjali_Rani - I am looking at it.

Update: Please MoveAndRename.zip (152.7 KB) .

Please run the workflow and check it.

My Input FilesFolder

Output Files before running (Two files exist with the same name)

Output Files After running

hi,Please take a lookk, This is not working

Main.xaml (6.5 KB)
This is the xaml you provided.

@Anjali_Rani - I just ran the workflow and it worked…Are you trying to run it for the second time?? Please do the setup as I shown above…

ezyzip (1).zip (174.5 KB)

Please check i was trying to move image.png but this is giving me the error again.

@Anjali_Rani - Please show me your inputfiles and outputfiles folder…

or try this…MoveAndRename.zip (389.5 KB)

I attached on the zip file, Please check.


ok…i am trying this one.

@Anjali_Rani - Its very simple…see when its try to move image.png to output folder that file already exist. so it will try to rename the file to image_1.png, since that name already exist in the output folder it failing.

That’s why I said, do proper setup and run it.

But i want the same, if that name already exist then it will try to write with image_2.png and then save that file.Please help me to do this.
I want same name file will move again and again to the output folder with increment of one.

Please help.