dt_wls.Select("Type='W15' And Status='Open'") returning zero as count-Assignement 1

In Assignment 1, Extract data item workflow, the data has been scrapped correctly to the variable dt_wls(created as data table with default value New System.Data.Data Table).All done as per the instructions in the link.
Assignment 1 - assign fault - #6 by ptanas1”.
However count for the output argument is still 0.
Attached my Extract Data item workflow.
System1_ExtractWorkItem.xaml (9.6 KB)
once the Add Data Row activity is executed attached is the value populated.

Remove add row from your workflow and try it.

dont want add any titles to datatable ,scrapping itself get all titles into you datatable.

Hi Prasanna,

sorry still the count is zero.Please find the attached.

Type is not W15 -------- WI5

You have given number -1 change it to alphabate -I

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Thank you works like a charm.Such a silly mistake :slight_smile:


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