DT to QueueItem to DT again

Hey everyone… As you know one cannot insert a datatable directly into a queue item’s collection.
Thus I found a way to serialize the DT as a (JSON)-string like this: strJsonDT = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(DT)

This string however, when pulled back from the queue item, I cannot figure out how to reverse back in to a DT like our original DT.
If I use the activity DeserializeJsonArrayt, I wind up with a jArray, and I’m not sure this is the right path.

Does anybody have a clever generic solution to this simple problem of basically trying to add a DT to a queue?


Use Bulk Add Queue Items activity.


You misunderstand… I dont want to add each element of a DT to a Queue. I want to add many DT objects as queue items.

Hi @MikkelNielsen

For this


JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of DataTable)(strJsonDT)


Change the TypeArgument to System.Data.DataTable in the Properties


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