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Hi i have 2 different types of excel but there is a column that i want to add in particular
column how to achieve this and also the data that i want to add in want to mention in another column as Not found
so what i want to do is in excel 1 i want to add the data of excel 2 under source traxn number i want the excel2 column 1 and under process status of excel1 all data that will be added should update as not found
excel1.xlsx (8.3 KB)
excel2.xlsx (7.2 KB)

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Hey @manoj_verma1

Do you mean, we need to match XL1 and XL2.

If there is a match copy some columns from XL2 to XL1 else mark it as Not found.

Is that correct ?


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@Nithinkrishna i want add the data from excel2 to excel one but i only want the column 0 of excel to be appended in excel1 and traxn status column to be updated as not found for all data that is there in excel2

Hello @manoj_verma1 ,

For Replacing with “Not Found” you can use Find/Replace activity and for adding the First column of Data, either you can use a for loop and Write cell activity.

Else Read the First column from 2nd Excel and Use Write Range on 1st Excel Column

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the data rows in excel1 not fixed and i want the column0 data of excel2 to be added at the last after data of excel1 ends

Use a “Find First/Last Row” Activity to get the first free row and Append from There. Use the First Free row as the starting point.

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the problem is the difffrent headers in excel1 the data is in coulmn1 where as in excel 2 data is in column 2

I hope you are trying to Get the Column2 from Excel2 and trying to Append to ColumnA of Excel 1. Correct if its wrong.

If this is the case , you can use Read Range on the Excel2 and Indicate Column2(You will get a datatable). Use Write Range(Select Append) and write in Excel1, columnA. Here the Range You need to modify based on the Firs free Cell.

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@Rahul_Unnikrishnan from excel2 i want data of column A and i want to append that in excel1 column B

HOW to read a particular column?

You can use choose to indicate in Excel and Indicate only that Column in the Read Range Activity.

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@manoj_verma1 Where is traxn status column in excel 2. I don’t see the column name

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Hi @manoj_verma1 ,

As mentioned above, the Excel 2 you have provided does not have the Column Names.

However, Should your Output look like the Below for the Excel 1 ?

The Highlighted rows are the ones added from Excel 2.

Let us know your Expected Output and Clear the confusions in using the Column Names of the Excel 2.

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i used for each and looped by get the count of excel 1

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