Druid Chatbot integration error


I have integrated uipath with Druid chatbot and able to trigger the process from chat bot. But i am getting below error while returning the value to chat window.

facing this issue in Druid. Please help me in resolving this issue

Entity could not be deserialized.

This issue could be solved by adding all the fields that are returned to druid to the initial entity in druid.

For example, if you want to return “DruidMessage” field to Druid, make sure to add “DruidMessage” field to the entity you are sending to orchestrator.

Also, make sure to add “ResponseCode” and “ResponseMessage” fields. These fields are automatically generated when you want to send the trigger from Uipath studio.

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I am getting the same error and think it is a syntax issue in my case. What does the string that goes into druiddata look like? Below is one from the poc iv been working on that is not working.

{$entityTypeName$=Weather, Date=2021-10-20T00:00:00, cityname=Witchitaw, State=Kansas,T emperature=200}

@Charbel1 's solution is on point. Just to add a small thing. Preferably pass the data in objects and avoid using specific datatype as string, int, etc. As per my experience, that helps to cover a larger scope of input from user and avoids a lot of error related to type casting.

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hi, when i am opting for robot, its showing null. is there any reason for this.

It seems there is no robot assigned in that tenant