Dropdown selection in Excel sheet


I want to write in an excel which contain some dropdown cells in a row. I need to show the values of these dropdown to user in an input box, and then based on selected value from user, write them in excel.

Can anyone please let me know how to achieve this.


You can make use of Hotkeys :slight_smile:

For Excel - If we have a DropDown - Assuming the DropDown is in Cell A4.

Below would be the Automation steps.

  1. Send Hotkey : Ctrl G - This will open the Goto Cell menu
  2. type Into Goto : A4 and Hit Enter - To highlight the Cell having Formula
  3. Send Hotkey : Alt + DownArrow - This os Open the DropDown.
  4. Make use of Ui Automation of More hotkeys as required.

Before attempting the above - would request you to Do the Steps manually . If you are able to open Dropdown without using Mouse - Mimic same steps with send Hotkeys.


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Please take a look at this one. it has the solution to select the dropdown list.


Hi, probably it solves the issue, but this package requires a paid license. Are there any other options, without UIAutomation?